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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On 5:32 PM by Connie Lam     15 comments

Went to Lake Titiwangsa with Chai Ling, Ker Wern and Ming Lee (four of us again), just to walk around and have a look.

This is not the first time I been there. Went there last year on January with my bf to have a ride on the wheel – “Eye On Malaysia”.

No doubt, there not only a suitable place with romance environment for couples to date, but also a friendly, beautiful and peaceful place for friends and families to gather and walk in order to tighten up relationships.

♥ Look at the stunning views of “Eye On Malaysia”. Purple, green, orange, red, white and blue, which colour u like the most? How come no black colour? lolx..

Besides the awesome and stunning sceneries around, the Theater of Water and also the Dance of Lasers are unique shows that u will never forget....

♥ Beautiful images of the International WaterSky Spectacular through the camera lense. This taken from website =)

♥ Theater of Water...

Next, wanna share some photos of us...
We just love taking pictures whenever wherever we go xD

♥ Four of us.. From the left to the right: Ming Lee, Ker Wern, ConNie and Chai Ling...

♥ I'm fat... sobsob... T__T

♥ Chai Ling and cO’nNie..

♥ We have a dream and we promised to work hard together to achieve to fulfill our wish and walk through all the toughness and challenges coming in the life. ...

♥ Ming Lee and Ker Wern..

♥ Just cO'nNie..

♥ A photo with the cute and naughty mascot. This naughty mascot stood behind me silently and scared me, I was yelling and everyone was looking at me.... Real paiseh...

♥ Secretly snapped by friend =.='''

♥ Love this four photos the most!!! *LOVEeee*

♥ Sweet photo of us... Bestie forever..

♥ Our sweet love art...

Sleepy.. .. . .. .Going to bed now...
Night.... . ... ... =)


  1. wow, impressive man.. i have been there b4, but i never realised that it is so beautiful, especially the 'Theater of Water'. i spent one whole night there but didnt see any show like tat.

    hmm, u make me feel like must visit there again ^^
    anyway, nice pictures u have
    P/S: you are not fat, slim enough as a lady

  2. ♥ lolx...wei shien... finally i saw ur comment hahax...
    ♥ yeah.. i love there.. really feel comfortable while im there...
    ♥ tat show got time 1..
    ♥ normally around 9.30pm....
    ♥ nextime got chance we went there in 1 geng to take picture =)

    p/s : im getting fatter and fatter T___T

  3. i've nvr been to this merry go round b4!!!

    seems fun!! hehehe..

  4. ♥ lolx..
    ♥ quite fun.. go wif ur beloved 1 lar..xD
    ♥ or frens.....
    ♥ or family....

  5. hmmmm... I tot the gov... already tore it down last year??

  6. Sad... I never been to there before but wanted to go ....
    Dissapointed ...
    Such a failure never been to there before >.<

  7. ♥ Samuel...
    ♥ im oso have the same thought as urs..
    ♥ but im just went there 2 weeks ago..
    ♥ it is still there xD

  8. ♥ Candy..
    ♥ Don't need to be sad and disappointed xD
    ♥ u still got chance to go over there ....
    ♥ come come find 1 day go wif ur dear...

  9. ♥ Candy..
    ♥ Don't need to be sad and disappointed xD
    ♥ u still got chance to go over there ....
    ♥ come come find 1 day go wif ur dear...

  10. y the govt wana tear it down?

  11. ♥ dunno dunno...
    ♥ i dunno.....

  12. all pic so "leng"...:D
    my cOrn cOrn bAo bei..u still looks slim...:->

  13. ♥ lolx..
    ♥ hope to be slim all the time XD

  14. I go few times liao lor...last time sit 'Mo tian Lun' at afternoon, cant see the night scene...so waste!!
    very Nice Capture, like Professional...

  15. Kian Sin.................
    ♥ i sit in the evening...
    ♥ so i got chance to c neither day nor night scene ^^Y
    ♥ r u praising bout my cam skill? =p