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Thursday, November 26, 2009

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An outdated post :P
Went to watch this movie in 3D together with my colleagues after work at Mid Valley. Six of us had a great dinner at Secret Recipe before movie.

Movie : Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Ratings : ★★★

This was the first time i watch movie in 3D. So at first Im really feel kinda exciting after we had bought the ticket (Expensive though, 17 bucks) and thought this animated film would be great to be watch in 3D. Overall this film is quite amusing and it is so colorful. The characters are fun loving and the storyline is easy to follow. Over 2 hours u can regularly see different foods falling from the sky but none of it actually makes me eyes-popping or mouth-watering. Ehh dunno why, maybe im too tired and headache. And i would not suggest u seeing this film in 3D, it is not as amazing as we thought. But one thing, we looked damn cool and yeng when we put the 3D glasses on haha.


  1. Good morning. The movie looks nice. You go enjoy it yah and let me know how it is. There is another movie called Ninja Assasin. Try watch it if you are free.

  2. i nvr watch movie in 3D. so the 3D effect is from the glass?

  3. crazywrazy
    .♥ Yeah it is a very colorful and amusing movie :) I will watch new moon and ninja assasin later hehe.

    Isley Chang
    .♥ Yeah the 3D effect is from the glass :)