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Friday, November 20, 2009

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Nowadays, the kopitiams mushroomed in Malaysia. U can see it everywhere and this is the reason why i went to Madam Ho Kopitiam for dinner. I dunno what to eat and where to eat, so just stopped by and walked in. Surprisingly, their foods are delicious, better than what i expected and the price is reasonable. I had been there two times and i love their foods. Share with u foods and drinks that i had tried :)

.♥ My all time favorite Teh C (cold) - RM 3.00

.♥ Hot lemon tea - RM 3.20

.♥ Fish and chips - RM 11.90

.♥ Nasi goreng kampung istimewa - RM 7.50

.♥ Grilled chicken chop with black pepper - RM 11.50

.♥ Spicy thai fried rice - RM 6.90


  1. Did you eat all this by yourself? 0_o
    Looks nice. Time to take photos again. Wakaka

  2. hey u in UM? look for attachment or training in Cambridge, ask ur supervisor , sometimes they have this kinda opportunity

  3. crazywrazy
    .♥ i only eat the fish fillet and chicken chop :) the other two are my friend's order. I dun like to take rice one hehe
    .♥ i will take more photos again, no worries. So nice i own a DSLR.

    Chia Wei
    .♥ Yeah currently im in um. I will look for the attachment if there's one.
    .♥ My senior just fly to HK for 3 weeks short course, so nice~

  4. wow, hk wor...hehehehe...see that's why la, can one...just have the heart to apply lo....ok?wish u luck :D