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Sunday, November 29, 2009

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29.11.09, 4am

It has been a long time i didn't stay up till this late. Im listening to a song which recommended by Jason, Miley Cyrus - The Climb. Nice song and it reminds me of lotsa things, especially a friend of me.

Get to know him for quite some time. He is caring, gentle, generous etc. Frankly speaking, I feel lucky to get to know him. But life isn't sailing smooth all the time, human isn't perfect and good things seems doesn't last long?? Now, he seems changed. The way he talks ? The way he acts? Things he do? I felt strange. He no longers him. It grieves me to see him like this. I can't lend my hand, i just can wish the best for him.

Btw, received this email from a friend, sounds so true.
Anger and love have no limits, we should choose the latter to have a beautiful and lovely life.

Watch ur thoughts, they become words.
Watch ur words, they become actions.

Watch ur actions, they become habits.

Watch ur habits, they become character.

Watch ur character, it becomes ur destiny.


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  2. sometimes 'something' doesn't always reserves for u all the time.. (if u've mistaken someone as some'thing')

  3. chill there ... u still having a wonderful life don't you