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Saturday, November 21, 2009

On 10:27 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Recently i just uploaded some random pictures that i snapped during the trip to Bukit Tinggi. Due to the tagging trend in Facebook haha, so i simply tagged a group of friends of mine which we used to hang out together last time. And surprisingly i received many feedbacks/comments from them and we had a short "gathering" over there haha XD

Between, i feel happy for two of them (a couple) because they are getting marry in January 2010. Can't wait to attend their wedding dinner :) Wish them love forever and lead a happy life ever since after.

.♥ I miss u guys so much..


  1. It is time for Connie to get married also! lol I heard Jay Chou song. You must be gila fan see of him :P

  2. crazywrazy
    .♥ yeah I'm 100% Jay Chou fan see :D