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Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Time flies. End of the Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner.

Did u enjoy ur CNY?
Enjoy ur CNY holiday?
Went for any short trip?
Visited and catch up with ur relatives? :)

Well, i fully utilized my CNY holiday and enjoyed to the max. Gathered with friends, visited relatives, went down to Malacca and rest at home did something that previously i have no time to do. It was so great!! How good if i have 1 month CNY holidays hehe *dreaminnnnnnggg*

Okay, cut the craps. This post is to share with u regarding my reunion dinner with friends (There are 16 of us). Picture tells thousand words :)

.♥ Yu Shang~ A must-eat-dish during CNY in chinese tradition.

.♥ U have to lou then only u can fatt/huatt!

.♥ Everyone loves yu shang, i guess. Haha.

.♥ The first dish. I don't know what it called. But tastes good!

.♥ Shark fin! Yummy!

.♥ Sweet and sour fish! It's very nice too! We finished everything including the head o the fish. See the picture below.

.♥ Yeah! Kenneth finished the whole fish's head! The size of the fish's head is comparable to his head, sweat. Damn big one.

.♥ This one nice also! The fat part of the pork eat together with the mini bread!

.♥ Minced meat wrapped with the fu zhuk. It is very very nice!

.♥ Prawn satay! and fried prawn wrapped with fu zhuk. Nice one!

.♥ Fried rice. I didn't eat much. So don't really know how it tastes.

.♥ Guess what is this ? Answer shown in the below picture :)

.♥ Yeah the thing shown in the above picture is actually a box used to put the cute cute yummy ice-cream. There are 6 different types of flavors: Durian, coconut, corn, yam, red bean and honeydew.

.♥ Ah teck, Kenneth, De Kee and Apollo :)

.♥ Handsome right? :D

.♥ Davidoff, Westly, Money, Kenny and Ah Teck.

.♥ See the shirts that they wear then u know they are couple :) Karey and Davidoff.

.♥ Do u feel that he looks like someone? Yeah, he is well-known as Gary Cao Ge's twin brother haha aka Mentakab Gary.

.♥ Last but not least, Chivas. A must-have-drink haha.

A warm and delightful cny reunion dinner :)