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Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Date : 08-01-2010
Location : Luna Bar, Kuala Lumpur
Event : Birthday celebration

Have u ever been to Luna bar? A stunning bar which well-known with its cozy ambiance and best night views in town. This is the first time i been there together with Nicole, Ju-Lian, Davidoff, Kenny, Westly and Nat to celebrate Westly 24th birthday. I love there but don't really like the music they play which is more to techno. Techno music makes me feeling sleepy ><|||

.♥ Nice KL Tower view from our seat at Luna Bar

.♥ Luna Bar is real stunning, isn't it ? And it is definitely a romantic place to go with your girlfriend, especially if you manage to get one of the window areas for yourself :) Trust me keke.

.♥ Peach birthday cake from Secret Recipe for Westly :)

.♥ The birthday boy, Westly and his darling, Nat

.♥ Ju-Lian and me. He looks like drunk.

.♥ Kenny the "kid" and Davidoff

.♥ Chivas

.♥ Another picture of us. I like this picture.

.♥ Do-Re-Mi : Kenny, Davidoff and Westly.

.♥ Last but not least, a group picture. 3 leng luis and 4 handsome :D


  1. hai. i have a plan to go there. any advise?

  2. been there too. Sat at the same spot with u guys in the pic. LOL. Nice place but kina dull...