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Monday, February 1, 2010

On 7:30 PM by Connie Lam     5 comments
I had noticed about Jack's Place this restaurant for a period of time yet never think of step in and try out their dishes though Im a western food lover. I don't know why. But there was one day my friend suggested to dine in at this restaurant, not knowing where to eat but wanted to fill stomach with steak.

It is located at One Utama Shopping Center (New Wing) and it is quite well-known in Singapore. It serves steaks and grills, salad, seafood, pizza and pasta. These were what that attracted my friend. We had a nice dining and chatting session and we enjoyed because the restaurant is quiet and pretty empty with only 2 tables of customer included us.

.♥ Restaurant Jack's Place

.♥ Kinda like their decoration. About the same as the decorations in my Cafe World haha, just that it's in green color and mine Cafe World in pink color :p

.♥ Plate, tissue, fork, spoon and knife (Okay, i know this picture is a little bit lame)

.♥ My friend coffee and milk

.♥ My iced lemon tea :)

.♥ Garlic and butter bread, nice one

.♥ Mushroom soup, i supposed. It tastes good anyway though I'm not sure whether this is mushroom soup or not.

.♥ My seafood spaghetti. I realized that i always stick to seafood spaghetti whenever i dine in at western restaurant, never get bored of it.

.♥ We ordered another chicken pizza. The chicken served is more than the crust of the pizza. It tastes good but too bad we couldn't finish it. My stomach will burst.

.♥ My friend's grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce. Not bad.

.♥ Mango pudding for dessert. Not up to my taste :(

If u want me to put up rating for Jack's Place, i will give 6/10. Limited selection of dishes (in my opinion) and i prefer Chili's / Italianese :D


  1. im a western food lover too...same with u...i always pass by this restaurant, bt nvr step in to dine...and i always wanted to have a try somedays...but seem like not a really good idea huh? ^^

  2. how was da food at jack's?? nice?

  3. ღ jOsepHinE ღ
    .♥ haha not really a bad idea to try on Jack's place foods. Somehow the price is affordable and still worth a try though i like Chili's very much hehe :)

    .♥ yeah :) give a try~

    Kc rock
    .♥ yeah not too bad but i will still stick to Chili's :)

    .♥ yeah AGREE :)