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Monday, February 8, 2010

On 3:53 PM by Connie Lam     4 comments
Paid a second visit to 4 Happy Seasons Restaurant (a restaurant with settings designed into a four-season theme: Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter) at the section with Spring season theme. Not too bad, quite comfortable and relaxing.

.♥ The restaurant section with Spring season theme which design or decoration in a combination of green and red color.

.♥ Hot milk tea and nescafe

.♥ Indiana chicken chop RM20.00. Referred to my previous post for the food review :)

.♥ Balinese roasted chicken spaghetti with lemongrass RM11.80. Affordable but not really up to my taste.


  1. makan makan asyik makan saja
    LOL...but nice lo...
    then i can know where to have nice food =)

    long time didn't hear from you
    msn also lately didn't chat with you
    how's life now?
    still busy like always?

  2. wah... always makan nice food but din invite me de...T T

  3. hEnRy
    .♥ makan is one of my "hobby" ma LOL
    .♥ recently kinda busy with my works ohh haiz~ but im fine :)thanks for concern about me good good henry :D

    .♥ u takda invite me also wuek :p

    .♥ haha go eat lar~