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Friday, February 26, 2010

On 11:20 PM by Connie Lam     3 comments
Nothing much. Just a quick lunch at Secret Recipe. Was craving for spaghetti and so ordered the cheese bolognese spaghetti. But it was so disappointing, the cheese sux and the spaghetti wasn't hot-served :( I will ban this Secret Recipe outlet from now on.

.♥ Iced Lemon Tea

.♥ Undoubtedly, the black pepper chicken chop rice tastes good.

.♥ I will never ever order this spaghetti again. Looks nice but arr tastes sux.


  1. i will give the chicken shop rice a try!
    i din hav any proper meal in secret recipe b4 cuz they are major in cheesecakes only

  2. well, secret recipe's spag is just normal to me. i can make better spag. haha!

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  3. IyouweBlog.com
    ♥ yeah their cheese cakE, my favorite hehe :)u shud try their foods, their lasagna not bad though :)

    Dylan Phuah
    ♥ yeah for me is sux ><lll
    ♥ i can make better spaghetti also haha xD