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Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Location: BBQ Chicken Restaurant, Jaya One
Event: Benny's farewell dinner
Leng zai leng lui: Benny, Hun Wei, Boon Teong, Shih Keng, Sam, Eva, Ee Lin and Connie (me)

Had a very simple but delightful farewell dinner at BBQ Chicken Restaurant which located at Jaya One. Felt kinda upset that Benny (a guy with loads of humorous words and never stop put a smile on ur face) is going to leave us. Anyway, all the best in his future undertakings and hopes that he can spare some time to meet up with us once in awhile.

Now Im going to share with u the foods we had tried on that night, a total of eight different orders. Get prepare some tissues in case ur saliva is dripping looking at those picha which makes u drooling :P Most of their foods are nice (especially the Korean Charbroiled Sandwich) minus off the beef burger which tastes a little bit weird. If u fond of eating chicken or bbq stuff, u can go for it.

.♥ Hot Hot Drums (RM15.50)

.♥ Korean Charbroiled RM17.90

.♥ Korean Charbroiled Sandwich RM18.90

.♥ Beef Burger RM13.80

.♥ Olive Luxury Chicken RM14.90

.♥ Korean Charbroiled Salad RM11.90

.♥ The only dish served with rice, can't remember its name and the price ><

.♥ Jerk BBQ RM15.90


  1. They got new menu? I din remember seeing some of it.
    I am hungry.. >.<''

  2. Hungry liao. I blame you of getting fat. :P
    Anyway, the food are real tempting.

  3. good to know that this cafe still alive..My last visit was in
    2004.. and WM was my 1st stay in KL after grad~