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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On 8:39 PM by Connie Lam in     3 comments
Had my first visit to Feeling Cafe which located at Wangsa Maju for my dinner. Kinda like the place, the environment and the ambiance which make me feels calm and relax. Doubtlessly is a good place for friends to hang out. Spotted many students (most of them are studying in UTAR, i guess) brings along their laptop, surfing net while enjoying their foods and drinks. There has singing performance as well.

.♥ Feeling Cafe's menu. Spotted their homepage? Feel free to visit them at http://www.feelingcafe.com.my/

.♥ This cafe is almost fully seated.

.♥ Jasmine tea (for two persons), RM8.90. They serves many types of flower and herb teas, for example mint, charmomile, rose, lavender and ginseng. U can go for their horoscope drink too, which personally i think it is nice and cheap (RM8.90).

.♥ Milan special cheese and ham chicken chop, RM14.90

.♥ Black pepper lamb shoulder, RM15.90


  1. hehe.. i think the students are from KTAR(my college) and UTAR as well.. hehe

  2. Next time coming wangsa maju always can call me. LOL....

    Since Cola Club I used to go there many times. Eh wait, this is feelings cafe LOL

  3. I've been there before. Full house. Their food not bad though..