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Thursday, April 22, 2010

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This week is really a hectic week.

Monday 19-04-10
Was on mc due to body ache :(

Tuesday 20-04-10
Attended a MGRC's Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop for Medical Applications, which held at the MGRC Training Centre, Mid-Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Shouldn't go into details what this workshop about because guess most of the people will not understand and u definitely will not have any interest on this if u are not in research or science field. Let's have a look on some of the pictures i managed to get from their website hehe, see if u can spot me ?

.♥ If not mistaken, there were 37 of us who joined this workshop.

.♥ Personally i like this training lab. Comfortable.

.♥ Do u spot a familiar face in this picture? *Ignore that two leng lui guai muis first* Haha XD

.♥ You should be able to spot a familiar face here, i guess. Haha XD

Wednesday 21-04-10
Attended another workshop, that's Qiagen Automation Workshop with the theme "New Era In Genotyping and Epigenetic Study" (main focus on pyrosequencing and high resolution melt analysis) which held at Mandarin Oriental. Okay, guess u wouldn't have any interest to hear more about this workshop too. What impressed me during this workshop was only the foods haha, mouth-watering one with variety of choices :) And they gave out Hp Netbook for the lucky draw, but too bad we were not lucky enough to get it. Besides, like the souvenir that they gave.

.♥ Nice packaging box. Try and guess what's inside before u proceed to the next picture :)

.♥ It just looks like a key chain, ain't it? Like the design.

.♥ U can actually open it up.

.♥ And it is actually not just a key chain, but a pendrive. 4GB one. Cool right? I love it love it :)

Thursday 22-04-10
Whole day was in the lab busy with the RT-PCR thingy for the sequencing project. Then went around the department just to collect some form. Don't have time to log into my facebook to play Castle Age haha. Im kinda addicted to Castle Age, gg already. Never thought of i will join in my colleagues for this kind of game haha. But i think this game applications do strengthen the relationship bond among us.

Friday 23-04-10
Will be on leave. Im not slacking anyway. Gotta go back to UKM which is so far away from PJ just to get lecturers to fill in referee forms prior to my postgraduate application. Bus-KL Central-ktm-UKM station-bus/taxi-faculty of science and technology, UKM-go home using the same route. Such a long journey sign. Quite some time i didn't take public transport, hopefully i wont get lost or got kidnapped by someone haha.

Saturday and Sunday
To be updated soon :)


  1. wow... look like very pro and serious workshop...
    how you get all the pictureS?
    u help u to snap it? hehe
    btw, i like the keychain so much...
    look simple but nice^^

  2. coincidentally, we're attending one of the same workshop.. ahakzzz.. should take picture together! nest time yeah~

  3. nice souvenir you got there ^^ ..but do scan for virus 1st ya ;p