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Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Went to attend the 2010 convention for delegates of world guangxi association at Dewan Wawasan in PGRM Tower. Started from about 8pm and ended around 11.30pm. It was quite a grand event and it really surprises me. I think there was more than 1000 peoples in the hall.

.♥ Chinese 24 seasons drum troupe performance. Nice one

.♥ The menu of the dinner

.♥ Four seasons at Seri Cempaka.

.♥ Shark fin soup with Turkey ham black mushroom. Honest speaking the Turkey ham made the whole shark fin soup tastes so weird & i don't like it.

.♥ Roasted crispy duck with pei pa sauce. This quek quek nice haha :D

.♥ Steamed seabass with superior soya sauce

.♥ Fried tiger prawn "kum hiong" style

.♥ Siew pak choy with duet mushroom sauce

.♥ Chilies :) Just playing around with the camera haha

.♥ And yeah we were up on the stage to receive the "award". My bro the first one from the left and Im the second one from the left :)

.♥ Surprisingly my old primary and secondary school ex-classmate, Christopher Chang Lee Wei (first from the left) was there too. I don't know when this picture been taken and I don't know where am i looking at haha.

.♥ Thanks to Guang Xi association :)


  1. wow~ the food looks delicious...emm yummy.

    congratz for receiving the award.

  2. lol nice! when u wanna belanja me? =P

  3. the shark fin soup looks too starchy.. :S