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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Hey all. Really sorry for the very late updates. Here comes the WOC anniversary trip part 4. We had a pleasant bbq session at Roy's house. Special thanks to his parents for the toothsome nasi lemak :D Feel free to visit the links below for part 1 to part 3.

WOC anniversary trip Part 1
WOC anniversary trip Part 2
WOC anniversary trip Part 3

.♥ Roy bought the chicken and prepared everything for us

.♥ Everyone was looking at Roy cleaning the chicken.

.♥ No doubt he was really good in cleaning the chicken. None of the girls actually went into the kitchen to lend him a hand. He can settle all by himself. *respect*

.♥ Wai Hou who has a great interest in culinary finally lend a hand.

.♥ Toothsome nasi lemak that Roys' parents prepared for us *touched*

.♥ Im still busy eating while everyone already stop eating haha :D wondering if u can spot me in this picture :)

.♥ Three handsome and humorous guys. From the left, Melvin, Chee Minz and Wai Hou.

.♥ BBQ-ing :D

.♥ Fathi Hazwan

.♥ Wai Hou

.♥ I know this picture is a bit disgusting. But really wants to show u what they did haha :D

.♥ Ultraman ? :D

.♥ After the BBQ session, they had some gamble game.

Next stop: Bukit Fraser
Stay tune! :)


  1. The sausage part is funny..LOL

  2. BBQ session! used to do that back in uni =P

  3. wah. where u got the cips? from genting?