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Thursday, June 10, 2010

On 5:35 PM by Connie Lam     2 comments
Wanted to put this up on my blog for quite some time already but bustle of life doesn't allow me to do so sigh. Tony Roma's, one of the ribs-steak-lover-must-go restaurant. Heard that Tony Roma's is famous with their pork, which u know it definitely wont be available in Malaysia. Sigh disappointed.

I ordered the New York Strip with additional great steak toppers the Bleu Cheese Crust. Trust me, it really tastes awesome!! Okay, I know I know that Im not supposed to take beef but arr I really can't resist the juicy steak in Tony Roma's. And i guess u too! : D My dear ordered lamb ribs with additional great steak toppers Portobello Mushrooms. It tastes awesome too. It costs a bomb to dinning in Tony Roma's? For me, worth it! :D

.♥ My new york strip!!

.♥ The bleu cheese crust

.♥ My dear lamb rib

.♥ The portobello mushrooms

.♥ When Ice lemon tea meets coke

.♥ When He meets Her