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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Last weekend I went back to hometown again to celebrate my grandmother's 70th birthday. In order to celebrate her big day, we had reserved 8 tables in the restaurant and invited some of the relatives to come for the birthday dinner.

Cut the craps and I'm going to share with u the dishes in that night itself.

.♥ Mixed vegetables with sea cucumber. The taste is just so so only.

.♥ Soybean sauce steamed fish

.♥ I believe everyone knows what's this. One of the famous Chinese's dish. Nice *thumbs up

.♥ Shark fin soup! My favorite :)

.♥ This one nice, especially the oyster and the fried seafood taufu

.♥ Chicken with some orange/ lemon taste sauce. For me it tastes kind of weird and i don't really like it.

.♥ Vegetables with abalone. Don't really how it tastes like.

Time flies, I didn't know my grandmum is actually aged 70 now. Wishing her happy birthday and stay healthy always. Love u lots ♥


  1. the middle one is your grandma, right? I really unable to guess that she is 70 years old already! Wishing her have a happy and healthy life always~

  2. Great. Wish ur grandmum healty always...

  3. i tot she is 60 years old only...