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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Went back to hometown last weekend together with my brother and his girlfriend to celebrate my beloved sister birthday as well as to visit my parents after so long we haven't meet. This time was a different experience because we were driving back by my so called SLK (Small Little Kelisa). Cool, I didn't know my baby SLK can actually beat quite many cars on the highway, or perhaps my brother driving too fast.

On that beautiful Saturday, I did nothing much. Just had a short lunch/tea time with my mum,sister and brother at OldTown White Coffee and then went for shopping with my sister. U might wondering "why OldTown again?", but I feel grateful that there's at least one this kind of food & beverage outlet at Mentakab aka my hometown which just a small small town in Pahang. Ya, we have Secret Recipe here too :)

.♥ Sister's OLDTOWN White Coffee Signature Freeze

.♥ Mum's Hazelnut White Coffee and my Xi Mut Milk Tea

.♥ Brother's Orange Fizzy

.♥ My half-boiled egg which is over-boiled and kaya butter toast (single), perfect match ever :)

.♥ Brother's french toast

.♥ Mum's rendang chicken rice

And at night, we went to Restaurant Jui Moon for dinner and I foot the bill. Okay, I'm not rich but I'm happy to treat them :)

.♥ Tadaa ~~ Aren't them looked so tempting and trigger ur taste buds? :P Let's go through all the dishes one by one kay

.♥ First dish to share with u guys - 鲍鱼菇炒什 Abalone mushroom fried with mixed vegetables, RM 16

.♥ 腐乳油麦, RM8.. Sorry guys i didn't know what 腐乳 called in English. But this is nice and this is the 1stime i try it

.♥ 潮洲蒸非洲鱼 TeoChew style steamed talapia, RM30

.♥ 铁板豆腐 Sizzling taufu, RM10

.♥ 咸鱼花兰煲 Claypot pork with salty fish, RM16.

After this delightful dinner, i went for yumcha session with a few of my hometown friends. Great one, it has been such a long time I never catch up with them :)

A simple but heart-warming weekend :)