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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Ya, this post is about Christmas decoration, nothing wrong with the blog title, stay reading and don't click "x" on ur browser tab yeah :) I know it is a bit outdated or too late to blog about Christmas, but please pardon me. I have no time to blog since past few weeks ago.

Two three weeks before Christmas I been busy with works as well as visiting all the shopping malls to check out their Christmas decorations. Here we go - Christmas decorations at The Curve. I went there with my colleagues, main purpose of the outing on that day itself was to watch movie "Rapunzel". Nice one, thumbs up for that movie and I miss my super duper long hair so much :(

.♥ There's always Christmas theme choir performance in almost all the shopping mall

.♥ Have u been to The Curve and e-Curve? What do u think about their Christmas decorations? For me it's more like Valentine's decorations instead of Christmas due to lotsa love love thingy haha :D

.♥ Last but not least, I'm wanted to show u photo of the hamsem from my lab :) From the left to right: Kelvin, Boonlim & Hun Wei

.♥ And of course, the leng luis. From the left to right: Shirlin, Eva, Me & Sam Sam, love u all muackkks!


  1. merry christmas & happy new year 2011 girl.. :)

  2. Happy New Year~ you are not late XD

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