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Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Date: 15.01.2011

If u want to have a new look, hair dying is a good way to achieve it? What do u think? Recently I'm kind of bored with my current hair condition neither the hair style nor the hair color. So i had decided to dye my hair. Apparently i had no idea with what color i should choose so it is all depends on the hair stylist. Together we choose a color which match my original hair color. I'm not so sure what color is that, but i bet it is light brown. I have a fair skin and brown hair, so i consider going lighter and according to some of the hair color tips on the website, super dark shades can wash me out and even make me appear older.

But arr........................after 1 or 2 hours of the hair doing, i was so surprised and shocked with my hair color sitting in front of the mirror. I think it is TOO BRIGHT, the hair stylist think so. She apply another darker shade on my hair to make it darker, but still the color is very bright due to my very fine hair especially on the top part of my hair. No choice, hope it wont frightening friends around me haha.

Here's a few photos to share with u but the color isn't clear:

.♥ My 1st cam-whoring picture of year 2011

.♥ What do u think about this color? Too bright? Btw, nice bun right? My sister did it for me using the hair accessories as shown in the picture below

.♥ Somehow this thing is a trend in Taiwan now. I guess every girl owns one -__-

.♥ Random pose

Till then. Will update more often :)


  1. Nice hair color... How did you tied that bun? So nice =D

  2. not bad.. your new hair style and color is suitable for you~