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Sunday, January 2, 2011

On 12:57 PM by Connie Lam     1 comment
Time flies. Year 2010 had came to the end and now it's time to welcome New Year's 2011 and say a fond goodbye to 2010. Supposedly to go to Singapore for the new year countdown but plan cancelled due to some minor problem with the car haiz. Hence went to chill at Pavilion and shopping before heading up to Genting Highlands at night for the New Year's eve countdown fireworks celebration.

.♥ Chilling at Starbucks, Pavilion with a cup of peppermint mocha Frappuccino and donut

Guess what? We took only half an hour to reach Genting from KL sweat -__- and took 45mins to get a parking *faint* Was disappointed with the countdown due to the crowd and worst PA system. I thought Genting can organize a great countdown? And the fireworks display postponed to next day due to the heavy fog and mild rain. Sigh, guess this time is the bad ever new year countdown in my life. Then we chill at Starbucks again to have hot chocolate before heading back to KL.

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  1. although countdown is not so nice in Genting, at least you got countdown for New Year, that's enough~ xD