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Monday, September 19, 2011

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Short update-------------

A special thanks to my friend who invited me to the premiere screening of this movie. Not to forget Nuffnang and Churp Churp too, for giving the opportunities to Nuffnangers and Churpers to participate in many premiere screening contest *appreciate*

I didn't watch any trailer or read any synopsis before I go for this movie. With least expectation, I guess this is why I enjoy the movie pretty much. I find it amusing and very entertaining, even though the story line is just simple and nothing much interesting. This is the first time I see Mr. Bean can talk (although he don't really speak much)!! And he is a spy (a fumbling spy instead lol). How cool :) Personally, I think this movie is worth watching, way better than "Cowboy and Aliens".  At least, it makes you burst out laughing :) 

*great movie, happy night*

More updates are "on the way", so  please stay tune ♥


  1. I enjoyed laughing loudly in the cinema while watching this movie. It makes you put the troubles behind your head and just laugh. Nice one ^^

  2. watching Beans acting was berry funny indeed hehe