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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On 11:25 PM by Connie Lam     1 comment
Look at the souvenirs that daddy and mummy bought for me from Korea.
For me, they are all awesome hehe. What say you? :D
Happy to see they had an enjoyable trip. When's my turn?? I wanted to go Korea also!!
Btw, can't wait to go Bangkok in this coming October hehe :D



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  1. work hard to save money lor.. Around 4k enough for Korea trip la... But you need to go on non peak holiday period. If want to go on peak holiday period like the recent Merdeka + Raya holiday, then u prepare another 1k lor...

    as for the gift, the best from korea is Ginseng and their facial product. Their seaweed is nice but can't bring back too many. so less then 1 week will be finish. That Jeju Orange Chocolate so so lo. not bad but not too fantastic. Unless u are a chocolate lover. I remember that time I still have some leftover that end up in rubbish bin in the end.