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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Went back to hometown last week to celebrate Father's Day with my dad and grandfather. This is a special day and so without think twice I didn't make any work planning as well as rejected all the friends date and outings just to go back to hometown. Just a simple celebration though. Had a great dinner celebration together with my family as well as my grandfather. And we bought a cake for both the fathers. It's lychee ice-cream cake.

Happy father's day and i love you, daddy! ♥
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What an unlucky day for me sigh. Woke up so early in the morning and went to work with a super duper good mood even though it was raining outside and that's what a good weather for sleep. Was thinking Monday no blues and happy kick start of the week, who knows bad incident happened when I almost reached University of Malaya. My car gave a "deep kiss" to a Proton Waja. Alamak!! :(

It was my fault, I shouldn't have take the hp to call my friend while I'm driving and about to stop at the traffic light. This was what he said to me when he get down form his car "Xiao jie, what are you doing ohh? You still haven't wake up from your sleep is it?" I was so nervous and my heart beating fast. I don't know what to response hence I just keep on apologizing to the driver. Luckily there's no big damp on the car. Just a minor scratch on the car. And the driver forgave me. So this is the fortune that befell on the unfortunate? Sigh. Kind of phobia now to stop closely behind other cars.

Bad lucks haven't end yet. Another unlucky incident happened as well in the evening. My colleague was tidying her ring files on top of the rack. Alright it just so unlucky that the files happened to fall from the rack and hit on my right arm .____. Ouchhhhh! So damn painful! And now there's blue black on my arm. Sighhhh! But why is she laughing when she is apologizing? I believe she don't do it on purpose. 

What an unlucky day! :( I need more lucks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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What a happy day. Bought myself 12 pcs of McNuggets at only RM6.10 (including tax). Special thanks to my kind friend who printed out the Lovin' Mid Month Special BUY 1 FREE 1 a la carte Chicken McNuggets coupon for me.

Tadaa, here's my yummylicious McNuggets :) Just nice to eat together with the home-cooked spaghetti. Simple night great dinner hehe.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Finally!!!! Yeah I have to use the word "finally" to at least shows how long I didn't hang out during the weekend. Last Saturday was lucky and relaxing one, managed to get myself taiwanese dessert in Snowflake which located at Subang SS15. 

(All these pictures taken from Snowflake official website*) 

Here's the address: No. 61A, First Floor, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor. It is located right opposite Asian Cafe. 

Took only one picture on that day, haha guess I'm too happy and excited for the dessert. Ordered Snowflake bestsellers (cold) at RM6.90.

It serves with GRASS JELLY toppings together with the TAROBALLS! I'm really in love with it especially the taroballs, so chewy. Guess many of u out there already try it in Snowflake, do gimme some comments or recommendations on any other desserts that worth a try :) Have a good day ya all!  

Friday, June 3, 2011

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I like to cook but sadly time always doesn't allows me to cook (as well as my body energy limitation, oops sounded like I'm old ah maa). So whenever possible, especially over the weekend or public holiday, I will grab time to cook. Here u go, proudly share with u 4 dishes that I cooked for dinner last week haha :D 

#1 Butter Head Lettuce (Siu Bak Choy)
Vegetable is a must in every meal u take. Just simply cook the siu bak chop with some garlics and anions. Everyone can cook this well. 

#2 Japanese Taufu with eggs in oyster sauce.
This is an easy meal to be cooked too. Mimic sizzling japanese taufu (Tit Pan Taufu). Surprisingly it tastes good ;) 

#3 Chicken in soy sauce and oyster sauce.
My all-time-favorite dish. 

#4 Stir fried prawn and lala with garlics. 
The most expensive dish among all. Nowadays prawn and lala kinda pricey T.T

#5 Group photo of the dishes 
Haha XD Great dinner but too bad I didn't cook soup, else the dinner gonna be perfect!