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Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Have u ever heard about Skinfood this beauty brand? From what I know, all their products based entirely on natural food ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Sounds like a prtty good products for our skin. I'm not so sure about this, but this time I hope their products really help on my trouble skin. At least reduces some pimples growing on the face sighhh. And at the same time, I will take good care of my diet too. Less oily, spicy and fried stuff as well as cold drinks.

Here are the skincare products that I bought from Skinfood outlet which located in Cineleisure. A complete set of skincare products: tea tree cleansing foam, tea tree toner, tea tree essence, tea tree emulsion and Parsley & Mandarin spot gel.

Here I includes brief introduction/ Instruction about each of the products that I bought (Quoted from their website):

1) Tea tree cleansing foam
Foam a desired amount with warm water and massage gently onto face. Rinse with warm water. A deep cleanser that gently removes make up with a refreshing feeling. Contains tea tree extract, a natural antibacterial agent and AHA to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells.

2) Tea tree tonerToner for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Effectively disinfects and relieves the skin. Apply evenly after cleansing and gently tap to absorb.

3) Tea tree essenceEssence for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Tea tree and willow herb naturally disinfects and relieves skin to prevent acne. Natural oils penetrate deep to provide lasting effectiveness. Apply evenly after toner and gently tap to absorb.

4) Tea tree emulsionEmulsion for acne troubled skin with tea tree oil. Effectively controls oil to prevent acne. Apply evenly after essence and gently tap to absorb.

5) Parsley & Mandarin spot gelEliminate acne and blemishes spot on – with Parsley & Mandarin. Parsley contains anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties to combat acne while Mandarin contains Vitamin C to control excess sebum and aids in skin recovery. An effective treatment gel made from Parsley & Mandarin Extracts to rid nasty spots. Also protects and soothes skin from irritation.

And this is the free gift that I got from Skinfood - The sugar gift set which includes black sugar jelly foam, black sugar cleansing foam and sugar hand cream. Got another wash off mask too (not in this picture, refer to the picture above) :DD

They gave me these red packets too. The nicest red packets ever that I received this year. 

Happy mood :D And I wish u the same! 


  1. Really nice red packets! And I heard that their parsley and mandarin spot gel is really good (:

  2. gong hei fatt chooi!

    some of my friend recommend use skin food but abit costy la :P

  3. i love their sugar scrub mask. yummeh and effective.

  4. While Skinfood uses a lot of natural ingredients, their products are NO WAY entirely made from natural food ingredients! If you take a look at the ingredients list you will see that they put a lot of all the synthetic ingredients into their products like other brands, so don't let this "all made of food" image they are creating fool you. Skinfood is a good brand in my opinion, their products never disappoint me, but they are absolutely not all natural or organic or anything like this.