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Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Went to Imperial Garden Restaurant (Tai Thong Group of Restaurants) which located at Petaling Jaya with family for breakfast. Good offer from Tai Thong restaurant - 50% dim sum discount promotion, happening every Saturday. That's why we were here for the breakfast haha, else I would prefer the dim sum at Old Klang Road (all time favorite). 

Very nice logo and design of the menu. Very classy. Of course this is not the main concern, the environment and the foods of the restaurant should be the first to take into account. 

Wedding dinner :D Just kidding -.- The decorations of the restaurant very eyes catching right? Cozy ambiance too, good place for family to gather. Was very crowded on that day morning, full house and most of the dim sum was sold out too. Luckily we made booking for a table earlier.

Their double-boiled soup promotion, buy 1 free 1. Wanted to order but all the soups sold out, so fast.

Steamed spare rids, nice.

 Porridge, a bit tasteless. And I can't even tell what porridge is this -.-

 Rice noodle rolls with shrimp, not bad thought. The shrimp is fresh.

Crispy bean curd skin and shrimp roll. Nice to eat with Mayonnaise. 

Spicy fried carrot cake with beansprouts, for me it is a little bit too oily

Pan fried carrot cake

I don't know what is this. I don't eat.

Fried dumplings wrapped with shrimp

 Deep fried taro

Dumplings with minced pork

Garlicky fish balls. Doesn't suit my taste bud.

Fish balls

 Shrimp Har Gow (Shrimp dumplings)

Chicken paws with house sauce

 Pork Siew Mai (Pork Dumplings)

Chicken and mushroom sticky rice

Last but not least, a group photo of the dim sum. 

Super filling dim sum breakfast. But still i prefer the one in Old Klang Road, not too pricey and much nicer. Big thanks to beloved bro who treated us such a nice breakfast.  *Happy mood*


  1. seems like it's not really good ey. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. haiyah shud have follow me go makan dim sum :P I eat berry less de hehehe

  3. Henry: Errr if there's no discount i wont go for this dimsum hahahha :D

    KianFai: U never ajak~~ next time jio me arrr

    daphiexn: yeahhhhh! But i rarely eat

  4. that restaurant is so popular that we have to make reservation in advance. the food must be promising.

  5. Anne: Doubtlessly, good restaurant with cozy ambiance. Awesome dine in place. And the foods not too bad :)

  6. Err..even 50% off also I won't go back after reading your review!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Not worth to try :(

  8. thenomadGourmand: U try before their dimsum? Should have give them a chance hehe. Different ppl different taste. Maybe I'm a bit too picky :P

    Metzelder Siow: Not so bad after all. With 50% discount still worth a try :)

    HouHouSek: why LOL hahhahaa :D really tasteless..

    missyblurkit: me too love dimsum! superb! :DD