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Monday, January 23, 2012

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Second semester of my postgraduate study going to end soon in February. According to the University of Malaya rules and regulations, students are compulsory to organize a postgraduate seminar not later by second semester. Due to a week of Chinese New Year holiday and a few public holiday next coming weeks as well as tight schedule of lecturers, I forced to have my seminar falls on 17th of January. Kinda in a rush and I nearly got no time to prepare for it. Just back from Krabi trip, many abandoned works need to be catch up. Weekends full of appointment as well, laser tag activity and sing k session. Hehehee that's why I have to take a day leave on 16th of January to prepare for the seminar. Loads of scientific articles to read, prepare presentation slides, compile experimental results and etc (Regret not to do it earlier, my fault my fault).

Me in formal wear for the presentation. Yeah a smile on the face because the presentation wasn't too bad although there were some questions which I unable to answer. But big thanks to professor for sorting the problem out and gimme some suggestions and comments. I will look into them seriously and improve. Overall the seminar wasn't too bad, I will give myself a rating of 7 out of 10??

Finally the seminar is over. Yeahhhhh!! ^^ Feels so happy and relief. Finally I have no burden and I can spare my time 100% for CNY :D I will have to do last minute shopping for CNY new clothes and shoes. Let's gooooooooo! 

Till then. Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year 

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