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Monday, February 23, 2009

On 7:46 PM by Connie Lam in ,     10 comments

Guess what...? Connie is dropping her tears right now. In other words, crying. What's the reason behind?

Too stress or suffocated by the mid semester exam..?
Too sick, suffering with running nose, coughing and feeling giddy..?
Feeling lonely studying alone inside her room..?

She don't know...
And she is feeling so down and weepy still...


  1. *pat pat* dun feel down...
    sure now is a bad time with so many stress..try do sumthin that makes u feel better or cool u down :)
    keep it cool, be happy :D

  2. long time dim come here ady...
    almost wanna forget u liao...wakaka...
    jia you la... this hard day will pass soon...
    i still got 1 year to go leh...

  3. 笑一笑,世界真美妙:)

    p/s: you might dont know who i am.. just assume me as a motivator

    *blink blink*

  4. Hey, take it easy =)

    Cheer up


  5. well...juz cry lor,after cry will feel much better,i know the feeling of it...nvm...juz remember to take a step back after feeling too stress...try to relax...

  6. Guai. jeh jeh sayang...
    Dont cry ok?

    Cheer up!

  7. hey hey
    emo-emo again ar...
    can't help u here coz don't know the reason Y u emo-ing...

    but anyhow, just cheer up
    all the best in ur exam^^
    hugz hugz

  8. ganbatte.. once all over.. u will be free as bird.. ^^

  9. dear~
    i can fully understand the feeling~
    all the matter u mention in ur post,im facing too...
    but i just try to cheer up myself avday~
    i tink u k see how i changing from the time u just knew me till now...
    i keep changing myself rite?
    as b4,i k easily cry in my own corner...
    but now,lesser and lesser ord...
    mb is i learn to be strong or mb i ord no feeling to what i facing avday..
    as ur hou ji mui,surely i hope to see u happy without emo...
    eventho i rarely go an wei u or caring with my words..
    but all the time i do care bout u neh~
    hope u r fine...and hope we k passing tru the hard time:)

    from: jenjen

  10. its weird, its just midsem, y take it so harsh???

    try to relax n enjoy uni life....

    it's not all about exams leh..

    take care...