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Saturday, March 6, 2010

On 7:45 PM by Connie Lam     7 comments
I dyed my hair in dark red color two days before Chinese New Year. And i didn't know why my hair is not in red color in every pictures that i snapped/ cam whored. Why is it like that?

.♥ What do u think? What's the color of my hair(from the picture)? Btw, it looks like highlighted?


  1. The colour of your hair looks great laa!!
    How red is the red that you dyed?

  2. hmmm... i coloured my hair light copper blonde but it looks kinda redish somehow... anyway nice dye and hair there :)

  3. erm...the picture cant see clearly whtr it is highlighted or not...you should ask some1 to help u sna€p from the back oni can see clearer...
    but, definitely is red colour la...=)

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  5. Leslie
    ♥ is the darkest red among all LOL

    HenRy LeE ®
    ♥thanks thanks for ur comment :) light copper blonde, lastime i dyed that if not mistaken, it appears black color ><lll coz my hair originally is dark brown color :)

    ♥ u cant see the comment because i havent approve it yet hehe~ i set comment moderation due to too many spam~ i dyed my whole part of hair, but dunno why sometimes under light looks like highlighted, dunno is it the color distribution uneven..

  6. when i had red hair, somehow it can only be photographed in a dim place with a strong flash O.o it didn't really show in natural lighting pictures

  7. as long as it look nice...even or uneven doesn't matter XD
    i think i wont dye my hair like lastym i did again...
    even dye also wont so sharp like previous me =P