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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On 1:01 AM by Connie Lam     7 comments
Finally I have the courage to dye my hair..
My hair is no longer dark brown in color lolx...
New hair color new life =)

♥ Before I dye my hair...

♥ After i dye my hair...

Looks nicer?
One thing that very obvious from the pic is..
my face getting damn round already while Im just in honey moon for around few weeks....


  1. haha~ not bad ah~ new outloOk, new Life! and getting more confident oh!
    (oh?! 会吗?哈哈 XD)

  2. u cant please everybody, as long as u like it urself then ok liao..

    but for me it's a no no... ur dark hair looks much sweeter.. hehe.. cheers...

  3. hmmmm...got a little bit bright~~

    but is still ok..

  4. I prefer your 'before' hair.
    And, rounded face is good.
    Looks younger.

  5. Round is good. it shows that u r healthy. not like me. when ppl see me they tot that i very poor and no ppl feed me.

  6. Samuel
    ♥ Wah red ar? I dare not to try lol

    ♥ lolx, dunno le.....

    ♥ I kinda like la, but then the color is not the same as the color i choose..
    ♥ Mayb my dark brown ori hair color makes the color turned out to be different....

    - yEng -
    ♥ Yeah, i think so....

    ♥ Thanks =)
    ♥ but i dun think rounded face looks younger haha..
    ♥ Still looks matured xD

    Isley Chang
    ♥ But then my body still like this..
    ♥ ppl also said im like didnt eat anything lolx...
    ♥ u should eat more lolx...