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Friday, May 29, 2009

On 6:11 PM by Connie Lam     5 comments
Went to Fun OK Cafe (30th of April).
Get to know about this place from my friends.
They described this cafe as a queer place, a place like home.
It is located at Taman Counnought, Cheras KL.

♥ The decoration on the wall left side while u walking upstairs to the cafe...

♥ *twinkle twinkle little start* Another decoration on the wall. Personally i like this so much. Kinda romantic =)

♥ The inner display and decoration of the cafe.. Kinda special right? But still doesn't like a home and I wonder why people describe it as a place like home?

♥ This is pretty awesome the colorful light deco... Love this <3

♥ Another corner inside the cafe...

♥ Don't get it wrong lolx. This is not the photo album but the menu..

♥ Colorful Ice Tea, RM4.00
♥ I choose this because milk tea always my favorite and this is their recommendation which is a must try drink, But for me, it doesn't taste good =="

♥ Longan Yogurt, RM 6.50
♥ This drink quite nice. Can give a try if u are a yogurt drink lover...

♥ Black pepper chicken chop, RM 11.90
♥ The black pepper a little bit too salty and taste weird.. And the coleslaw also tasted weird.. I should try other food instead of this chicken chop..

♥ Rendang Chicken Rice, RM 7.50
♥ Their recommendation.. I don't see special but their chicken taste good..

Overall, this cafe seems a nice hang out place for teenagers and students to chill..
And I see there's white collar workers online and discussing their projects =)
Regarding to the price of the foods, judge it urself lolx...

If u r interested with this cafe, feel free to pay a visit =)
The address, contact number and email are as stated below...

Address :
72a, Jalan Cheras,
Taman Counnought,
56100 Cheras, KL.

Contact :

Email :


  1. u went too early jor.. that place vry nice at dark de.. ^^

  2. this cafe so funky wan!! cool la..

    the rendang rice seems yummy!!! heheh..

  3. H@n w31
    ♥ arrgh, u should tell me earlier mah T__T

    ♥ yeah, u never go there before?

  4. helo there. i oso been there already and was about to blog it later until i saw ur post.

    anyway it was very nice during at nite and i got some few nice picture that i take ar there, quite interesting.

  5. That's a interesting looking menu.
    Sometimes it's nice to see how the food might look like before ordering.