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Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Went back to my hometown last sunday (10/5/09) to celebrate mother's day although i have viva presentation on monday at 8.30am....
Departed at seven in the sunday morning from PJ and reached back to Pahang at about 9am... Kinda tiring because i slept only 2 hours...
After 30 minutes of short nap, I went to market and breakfast with my parents ...

♥ We are the teh C bing lover =)
♥ Looked at the flowery cups ><"

I bought a ginseng wine from Yu Yan Shang for my mum which costs me RM 72.80... And my siblings bought a bouquet of carnations and a cake...

♥ The Yu Yan Shang ginseng wine....

♥ The cake.. RM 38.. Looked nice but don't really tastes nice..

♥ The lil reddish strawberry on the cake lolx...
♥ Just randomly snapped this picture for fun =)

The whole afternoon Im actually busy preparing for my viva presentation (the slides and the draft) and I don't really get to talk with my mum and dad... Okies that's really my bad because I always settle my stuff in the last minutes thou i know i shouldn't and it is risky... And kinda piss off that Im feeling giddy the whole day, guess Im seriously lacks of sleep..

At night, dad brought us and mum to a chinese restaurant to have a light dinner... Nothing much...

Please pardon me that I cant name each of the dishes... I don't know what it called..
Last but not least, a random picture of my sister and me =)

Celebration. Simple yet memorable.
I love you, dearest mum.


  1. wat's tat on the last photo?
    haha.. ur teg C de cup so flowery de oo!!!
    haha.. unique hor..

  2. chinese dishes looks nice!! yummy!! u like teh c bing ah? hahah.. me too!

  3. how come mother's day no mama pic in blog de ar??

  4. yalor hor...
    dint see auntie~
    bad lor you corncorn XD