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Friday, September 4, 2009

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Another outdated post : My brother convocation in UM on 13th of August, haiz. Im just way too busy to update my bloggie though Im not neither working nor studying lolz. You guys must be curious and wondering what am i busying with all this while. But Im not going to tell in details keke.

Okay, cut the craps, back to UM convocation. I didn't know why i feel kinda excited on that day although that's not my convocation. Besides, there's another some indescribable feelings overwhelming my heart and mind. Yeah, finally both of us graduated at the same month same year. Im sure that my parents will be the happiest one among all of us. I see from how excited they asking us lotsa questions regards on our convocation, applied their annual leave, buy new clothes, etc. Out of sudden, I found that they're so cute haha.

Next, let the photos do the talking ;)

Three of us wake up around 9am++ then only head to UM at around 10.30am after the convocation ceremony end and both my parents and brother were out from the hall. Not to forget cam whoring first before we depart lolz..

My brother was receiving the cert/scroll from the canselor..

My beloved daddy and mummy with my brother.. UM graduation robe seriously looks much nicer than ukm one..

My beloved family together with my brother's girlfriend..

My brother with his uni mates.. I'm sure he is going to miss them and all the sweet moments..

The crowd on that day.. I don't know why there're quite many indian students in UM while in UKM u will realize that u hardly can see/find one ><"

The gifts and flowers.. Wondering if i can receive that lots also during my convocation..

The 3 spidey balloons...... damn cute......

Last but not least, a photo of two leng luis aka my sister and I haha xD

Congratulations my dear brother...
Hope and bless that u will have a bright future with loads of happiness as well as $$$.. haha XD


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