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Sunday, September 13, 2009

On 7:45 PM by Connie Lam     4 comments
Movie : UP
Starring : Christopher Plummer, Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai
Ratings : ★★★★

I love this movie. No doubt this is a hilarious comedy with excellent visuals and a story that leaves the audience in tears of joy. Go and watch this movie. Trust me, you will be entertained, delighted and moved.

Wow, spotted two leng luis.. I know im *a little bit too thick skin*, but who cares? Haha :P See the poster behind? Yeah, it's the poster of the movie "UP" and two leng luis were trying hard to capture a leng picture with the poster after the movie "UP" in Times Square GSC cinema :)


  1. 這個戲啊..真的好笑..但又很感動..看到眼睛濕濕哈哈

  2. I love the movie.
    I cried watching the movie.

  3. 單眼皮男孩
    ♥ Yeah... same to me...

    ♥ Same here, i love the movie too...
    ♥ touching ~ and sweet love ~