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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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♥ 19.08.09 A great and memorable day in my life.

♥ Finally Im graduated, with distinction. After i had been through 3 years bustle of university life which full of joys and tears.

♥ With my beloved daddy and mummy~

♥ With my dearest brother and sister ~

♥ My besties in university.. Glad to know them..

♥ My coursemates.. The future biochemist :)

♥ Special thanks to him who purposely take AL too to attend my convo. Someone once very important in my life. Thanks for the cute bear bear and flowers, a special one.

♥ Special thanks to Jason who purposely take AL to attend my convo. Someone who take care me alots. Thanks for the cute doggie and roses too ;)

♥ Special thanks to Samuel aka Samantha for attending my convo.. Not to forget to thanks him and Han Wei for the bear bear..

♥ All the gifts, bear bear and flowers that i received on that day from my friends.. Touched & Lurvee*


  1. wow這是一個月前的呢!

  2. wow... so many gift...
    but I dun wan any gift... Give me angpow with money then ok liao...haha

  3. congrats!
    You look gorgeous in those photos...

  4. congrats!
    so good~ =)
    btw i need waiting for 2 yr then can graduated ahh =)

  5. hey...congratz...for ur convo...and enjoy ur new life~ ^^