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Monday, September 28, 2009

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It has been a long time i didn't update my bloggie. For ur information, im kinda busy with some trip and my own stuff as well. In addition, there's a change in my life, i gotta say bye to my previous honeymoon holiday life and welcoming the suffocating work life. 28.09.09 my first day of working as a research assitant in Department of Molecular Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, UM. It is kinda tiring and i keep yawning during working time zz. But not too bad, at least i get to know a few of easy going and helpful seniors.

Alright, back to my blog post which about steamboat. Im too tired to type and so let's the picture do the talking.

♥ Steamboat, one of my favorite.
♥ Went to try porridge and tomyam steamboat at Hometown Steamboat which is located at Genting Klang, with Kia Jin and Chai Ling.

♥ Kia Jin and me. Try and guess how old is him :)

♥ All the fresh ingredients. No really special but tasty still eat together with the porridge and tomyam soup.

Im so so so so so x1000000000000 tired. Till here. Off to sleep*


  1. pxd was here! Mua ha ha ha, delicious!

  2. never tell me about ur works.... haiz..anyway, gambateh ya

  3. supersenior dear

    next month start work liao... hahaha... keep on playing somemore!! hehehe..

  4. I have lost track of my blog.. haha ^^ Glad that u still on-going..

    All the best in ur working life ^^ welcome to our world..muahaha..

  5. 在um你做工叻...令人羨慕的工作哈哈

    你住genting klang那一代嗎? 我女友也是住那邊的.


  6. this 30 years old guy u told me b4?