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Sunday, December 6, 2009

On 11:14 PM by Connie Lam     8 comments
4 months ago, went to Pizza Hut which located at Genting Klang together with Chai Ling for dinner to try out the new pizza. It was buka puasa time, but surprisingly Pizza Hut didn't crowded with Malays /customers. Glance at the pics and lotsa things crossing my mind, honestly speaking im kinda miss the time when im staying in KL.

.♥ Add some cheese powder, dip some mushroom soup and eat will be a great combination! I always do that :D

.♥ The mushroom soup. Too diluted so the taste not really nice.

♥ The new pizza that we had tried. Forget its name. Sorry.

.♥ Last but not least, leng lui pics haha XD


  1. no wonder i feel that the pizza hut location is so familiar, then i read the post, u written 'genting klang' then only i be sure. hahaha.

    it's just a few steps in front of my hostel xD

  2. like the pizzas!! haha.. it's my favourite.. ^^

  3. Pizza Hut always serves diluted soup..save cost or something i guess.lol.

  4. i very long time no eat pizza liao. i havent tested the cheese in crust wan.. izit nice?

  5. ♥ Renise
    .♥ didnt know u just staying nearby the area haha else maybe we can have a meet :D

    H@n W31
    .♥ Yeah my favorite too hehe :)

    Willy C.
    .♥ they wanna cut cost i think. Shouldn't do that, should maintain the quality of the foods.

  6. Tedd
    .♥ i tasted cheese in crust de.
    .♥ but not my taste haha, i left aside all after tried one bite lol

  7. pizza pizza...
    corncornbb...u really look skinny in those photo...slim slim corncorn...:D