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Friday, December 18, 2009

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Bustle of life always forbid me from going back to hometown. Im glad that my parents being very understanding and supporting me all the time. They always come down to kl all the way from Pahang to visit me to ensure im alright and doing fine.b I appreciate it.

There's one Sunday, i brought them to Restorant Phang Key which situated at Old Klang Road for breakfast. I just don't really like the dimsum restaurant at SS2 where my parents usually visit. Yeah for ur information, my parents like to eat dimsum very much haha, the same goes to me (This is just to let u know more about me and my family haha. Maybe u're not interested with, but still i want to tell wuek :P) And special thanks to my elder brother for footing the bill.

Oops sorry. I know im a little bit long-winded or maybe just not a little bit keke. Please bear with me and enjoy the pictures below :) HUGS for u.

.♥ Har gao siew mai or watever. Here just some of the dimsum that daddy ordered for us.

.♥ Their superb porridge which is my favorite and highly recommended. Daddy ordered 6 bowls of it, one for each of us.

.♥ Yam-wrapped-fried-prawn. RM 5 per plate.

.♥ Carrot cake. RM 5 per plate.

.♥ Last but no least, fried har gao. I love this very much. Superb when u eat together with mayonnaise. RM 5 per plate, worth it :)

Darn, i felt so hungry right now haha. Shouldn't blog about this during dinner time. Stupid me haha.

Till here, gotta grab some foods to eat now :)


  1. carrot cake!??!

    what a direct translation HAHA ... but i duno what it's called btw =/

  2. your photos improving already. very nice photography of food :)

  3. Jason
    .♥ it is really called "Carrot cake" in English haha

    .♥ thankiewl hehe. I will try to improve my photography skill :)
    .♥ into DSLR now, wanted to buy it sooner or later keke :D

  4. long winded?? starting to sound like my style?? LOL!