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Sunday, December 27, 2009

On 10:59 PM by Connie Lam     8 comments

Recommended by a friend to read on an article which entitled "Flirt Alert" in CLEO magazine. What stated inside is pretty true.

Flirting cause anger, discomfort and embarrassment though sometimes it can make u feel sexy, sassy and special. Especially when u're in a relationship with a flirty guy u lose trust. Unluckily, all these happened to me and it is not only once but continuously 4 years long. Yet i still stuck and didn't become strong or stout-hearted. I should get rid of him although i still love him. I deserve someone more loyal and devoted. But sometimes what ur heart feel is more dominant than what ur mind think and somehow it then leads u to the wrong path. Sad case. At this time point, i felt exhausted. Not only my mind, but also my body and soul. I need a "." FULL STOP, but not "?" or "," and please don't cry anymore.

For u, what is flirt? Guy likes to flirt to give himself an ego boost? Why do u want to flirt when u knows it will make ur partner insecure and hurt the relationship?



  2. It is provable that guys in general are “bad guy’ but not all the guys are the same. Flirt is just one of human nature instincts. There are a lot of reasons why Guys/ Gals flirting. However it is up to tolerance between partners to preserve the harmony.

  3. I guess FLIRTING is just totally cant be accepted in a relationship. If one of the party does (not just once), I very sure the relationship will have a good ending at the end and even worst, DIVORCE is the thing if both parties were married which will ruins a person's future.. FLIRTING is just like a DRUG, u will ASK FOR MORE and ADDICTED to it...

  4. Is it really he knows that he makes you feel insecure and hurt?
    Maybe you just need to talk to him to change his attitude.

    If he continues that way and you can't tolerate him flirting with other women, then I think it's best that you end the relationship and find someone more towards your liking.

  5. know who i am?is been long time he treating u like that,my comment is leave he la,he din deserve u,u shud leave him long long ago,he seem like never appreciate u...