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Friday, December 11, 2009

On 11:07 AM by Connie Lam     9 comments
Went to Wendy's at Jaya One for lunch and this was the first time i try Wendy's. I had their ultimate chicken grill set and my colleague had their spicy chicken sandwich set. Nothing special, i don't like it or hate it either. I will still stick to McDonald's Chicken McDeluxe, KFC Zinger Burger or Carl's Jr. Famous Star if i keen on eating burger :)

.♥ Wendy's ultimate chicken grill set :)


  1. u ah! wana slap u!
    owayz post food, make me hungry! hmph!!! LOL~~~

  2. how's the fries?? haha.. nvr been to wendy's before..

  3. Burger corncornbb...dont always eat it until bcome burger face, jz like tat smile icon of msn...hehe...hawaii desu ne... But wendy's french fries not bad la...
    Lets try out othr type of burger at different restaurant together...:D

  4. i recommend a quater single or a haldouble with cheese.

    it taste more better than big mac

    and of coz the price is also more pretty than big mac.

  5. i ate at wendy's several times and i love their chilli baked potatoes. taste like chilli fries at carls jr. :)

  6. I don't like this fast food, then again if I am not mistaken, the only fast food outlet got Sarsi flavor drink XD

  7. carl's junior is better =P

    wendy is too small for me haha