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Sunday, December 13, 2009

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29.11.09 A blissful day :)

Went out for a date with my darling in KL.

.♥ Yeah a picture of me with my darling :)

Woahh i love to shop in November and December. Almost everywhere every shopping mall is full with unique Christmas decorations. And not to forget, there's always mega sales. I enjoy seeing people shop happily with an amusable smile on their face and who don't love sales? As usual, i grabbed a lots of stuff for myself like glamorous dresses, nice shirts, accessories and etc, too many to list down wuakaka :D

.♥ An eyes torturing picture of me :p Surprisingly the christmas decoration in Berjaya Times Square this year looks awesome as compared to last year.

.♥ Another picture of me with the cute snowman :) It really looks very cute and i failed in trying to act as cute as it. Ooops!

.♥ Another picture of me with the cute kid who looked so adorable in snowman costume. Their dancing performance is damn nice and very entertaining.

After shopping, we went to U-Village Hong Kong Restaurant which located at Sg.Wang for lunch. Don't really like their foods except their bottomless milk tea haha. And guess i will not visit there anymore. But luckily i had a very satisfying and palatable buffet dinner at Redbox Lowyat to compensate for my lousy lunch.

.♥ My order - Chicken spaghetti. Oh no, i don't like this. The taste is so weird :(

.♥ My darling order - Chow Sin Chee's char siew fan. The name sounded like so special but the rice ain't special at all.

.♥ The buffet dinner is so great. And i had a very enjoyable and sing-non-stop session with my darling at Redbox Lowyat until 12am hehe :D

.♥ Jeng jeng jeng. This picture is to torture ur eyes again, weik :p I noticed that my face getting rounder and rounder. Aiks aiks aiks. Too much junkies, too much calories.


  1. U village is a nice restaurant le connie =/

    maybe u ordered wrong food =P