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Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Recently been burden by loads of works sigh hence don't have time to update my blog. Let's continue with the WOC anniversary trip, part 3. For part 1 and part 2, kindly visit the link below alright so u wont get lost haha XD
WOC anniversary trip Part 1
WOC anniversary trip Part 2

Let's the pictures do the talking.

.♥ We drove around KKB and stopped in this car park just to shoot picture of all the nine cars with the banners as well

.♥ Sue, Roy and Wai Hou were playing with the baseball stick

.♥ No doubt they had many patterns and they are really funny haha

.♥ Sweet couple ><"

.♥ Yeah Im the "wocman" instead of superman ><

.♥ After photoshooting, we drove to the new Dam built in Kampung Pertak (15-minutes drive from the town). The higher Dam in Malaysia

.♥ And here we were. Awesome scene ain't it?

.♥ Group picture :) See if u can spot me in this picture :)

.♥ The couples

.♥ I like this two picture haha. U dare to lie down in the middle of the road just for the sake of taking this kind of picture ??

.♥ Some awesome scenery captured by Sue

.♥ After that, they drove somewhere else nearby the mosque. Stopped at the roadside and shooting pictures around.

.♥ The guys. They are playful. The girls were too tired, all stayed inside the car.

.♥ And then these two ><" always come out with so many funny pose haha XD
After that we went back to Roy's house and had our BBQ session at night.
Stay tune ya! :)

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  1. hey~ it looks really fun! i always wanted to do some outings like this with a bunch of friends