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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On 10:26 AM by Connie Lam     14 comments
Went to watch The Mummy 3...
Kinda disappointed with this movie....
Hmm.... .A bit too not logic.....
And.. i almost fall asleep in the cinema....
2 stars movie..... ★★

Between... people....
Im into a new life new beginning....


  1. It could widen my imagination towards the things that you are posting.

  2. If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

  3. Did you think the Mummy was going to be any good? I completely hated the previous ones too, so I knew what to expect, I suppose.

  4. ♥ i tot it will be a great movie..
    who knows? haizzz... T___T
    ♥ when arr coming down to kl ?

  5. ehh.. dunno ler.. if i get a chance i'll definitely let you know. right now the only tentative date when i'll be down is when I prepare for the trip to sungkai

  6. my friend also said this movie boring 1...so I think no need watch liao. Or maybe wait this movie got * (this symbol) then use 2 for 1 card watch...haha

  7. Jukebox.....
    ♥ haiz... when is the trip arr? i feel wanna join... wanna go enjoy....relax..... im "sick"....

    Kian Sin.....
    ♥ 2 for 1 card..?
    ♥ got tis kind of card de arr?? how to apply arr?

  8. i still prefer the 1st mummy movie. because the 1st movie is really reflect to the title it self compare to this one.

    mummy 3: tomb of the dragon emperor

    they should invite angie lina joli to act in this movie coz is more suit to her.

    mummy should be looks ugly walking dead body, instead of good looking flying kick ass, jet li

  9. Jukebox...
    ♥ when arr u all going to sungkai? i might wanna follow... .wanna relax...i seriously nid to relax...

    Kian SIn...
    ♥ apa 2 for 1 card? got tis kind of card 1?
    ♥ how to apply arr lolx ?
    ♥ macam sangat untung jek =D

  10. Sure got la... last week i go watch a journey to the earth of the center by using this card, 2 tickets RM 7. haha!!
    This card is last week i work at pc fair ask the permanent staff give me de. But got expired date 1.
    Aiya, forgot ask for u! sorry!!

  11. Allan....
    ♥ guess i didnt watch the mummy 1 and 2 lolx..then i went to watch the mummy 3 =D
    ♥ yeah...Jet Li is not really suit with that character.. =.=''

  12. its kinda funny lolx

  13. Kian Sin..
    ♥ u bad u bad...should ask 1 for me ma... rugi already.. haiz haiz haiz....