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Saturday, August 9, 2008

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♥~LoVe ♪s L♪kE heaVen bUt ♪t cAn hUrt L♪Ke heLL~♥


  1. hope ur sad mode is over by now..

  2. Teddy...
    ♥ i would like to let myself stay in this way right now...
    ♥ let's the time to prove evrythings...

  3. loVe ♪s L♪kE heaVen bUt ♪t cAn hUrt L♪Ke heLL
    i agree with u..

  4. Kian Sin..
    ♥ i think most of the people will agree with this...
    ♥ no matter what, life sure has its ups and downs... haiz.....
    ♥ u gotta stay strong okie?

  5. Ur title song especially 'better in time' so......
    Make me cant tahan -_-
    Nice mood also become bad mood 1...
    Better dun listen so much this song but this song very nice 1. (very 'mao dun'1)
    Where got so fast recover, u tot me is hero meh!! Hero also will get hurt la like spiderman..haha
    Just wanna go a place relax...but seem like no ppl wanna go... alone go? haiz....

  6. Kian Sin..
    ♥ "better in time" a nice song.. it sounds sad but it always make me thinking of someone and it is kinda warmth though sometimes....
    ♥ i didnt join my frens for the sungkai trip..if not i can bring u along geh... sorry sorry..
    ♥ where u wanna go? and when? see see whether im free or not....

  7. I wanna go a place call 'xiao yun ding'. I dunno whether u hv go there or not b4.
    I like the night scene there, the night scene of kl, very wondeful 1.
    u wanna go?
    I think this weekend lor. Maybe friday or saturday night. If u free, then i come look for u...

  8. Kian Sin..
    ♥ ohh... i went there once before, with my ukm friends... hmm, for me lar,the night scenery there is okie okie only haha...but the environment is quite cozy especially the restaurant there...
    ♥ but 1 thing, i height-phobia, so i dare not to step up to the top of the kiosk T___T
    ♥ friday night im available ;)

  9. ha!! need to step up? not drive car go up?
    Then this friday we go together ok?
    I think 8pm reach u there ok? Because
    ukm to there quite far and if late, there quite many ppl 1.
    U got camare or not? if got bring it also, i wan capture some picture.

  10. ♥ drive up..
    ♥ my digicam i bring back to my hometown dy...
    ♥ okie..see u then ;)

  11. Be happy. Cheer up.

  12. Chiewwl......
    ♥ okie....thanks....