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Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Event : 20th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar - "Towards Excellence In Biochemistry and Biotechnology"
Location : Faculty of Medical and Health Science, UPM..
Time : 8am - 6pm

Most of us were forced to attend this seminar on 21st of March because for those who absent, marks for thesis will be deducted.. Guess this was the only way which professor can use to threaten all the stubborn lazy students who paid RM10 but refuse to attend (Im one of them~ xD)..
For ur information, Im doing my study in UKM, majoring in Biochemistry =)

♥ 20th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar...

♥ Faculty of Medical and Health Science, UPM..

♥ 7am ++... A group picture with all my course mates before we headed to UPM by bus..
♥ I had been so long didn't wake up that early in the morning, 6 in the morning...
♥ Im very sleepy still at that moment, hardly open my eyes ....

♥ Breakfast and lunch were provided..
♥ This was the crowd when everyone lining up under the hot sultry skin burning sun to get the foods and drinks..

♥ The lunch - Nasi briyani.. Quite nice...

♥ Two representative from UKM for the poster presentation : Pei San and Lai Teng...

♥ Connie and all the chinese biochemists who attended the seminar =)
♥ From the left : Lai Teng, Jia Huey, Pei San, Rui Rui, Chuan Yin, Juanita and Connie..
♥ I looked so weird in formal shirt ><"
♥ Connie and her final year research project group members...
♥ From the left : Iqah, Naz, Juanita, Connie, Azura and Fariz...

This seminar was actually a good chance to gather all the biochemistry students from different university (UCSI, AIMST, Sunway Univeristy College, UM, UPM, UKM, UTAR, etc) to share and present their research projects..

This seminar was actually not as bored as i thought, i learned something at least...
Besides, Im happy that i managed to meet two of my friends who studying in UM...


  1. wahh~~ 原来你是 UPM 的 bio student 啊 XD

  2. who is the friend you mean from UM?

  3. dun say force lah...
    u oso get somethg good wat...
    wake up early in the morning..
    still can take photo nicely arh?
    but can saw ur eyes bengkak lah.( hahahahahhahahahahahah......)
    u are bio student arh?


  4. 嘉CacinG進
    ♥ Im actually UKM student, majoring in Biochemistry...

    lee wei
    ♥ Michelle and another of my friend who i get to know during industrial training

    ♥ aiya, like this u also noticed my swollen eyes..? ~~ xD
    ♥ yeah, Im a bioscience and biotechnology student.. =)

  5. haha.. mana tak nampak...
    kk, next time dun see it lah..


  6. nvr take pic wif lecturers wan?!

    mana my Dr. Hasidah? Dr. Halimah leh?

  7. Teddy
    ♥ i after lunch then cabut already haha..
    ♥ that's y no chance to take pic with professor.. =)

  8. oppps.. ~oh u r UKM n went to UPM for the seminar XD

  9. 嘉CacinG進
    ♥ yeah, go by bus haha ~ xD