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Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Went to watch this movie after sing k session in The Gardens on April's Fool =)

Movie : Dragonball Evolution
Ratings : ★★★

Another amusing movie for kids but bland for adults?
A bit disappointed even though i didn't have any high expectations towards this movie after the movie " Street Fighters" ..
There were not enough fight scenes.. The characters were portrayed terribly..
Besides, Goku's hair was a failure if compared to the manga/anime's..
But there's still some entertaining parts which is quite entertaining...

Goku ((Justin Chatwin)
Goku is the hero of Dragonball. Goku is pure of heart and unusually gifted in martial arts...

Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat)
Master Roshi is a turtle hermit, and despite his unusual lifestyle and perverted attitude, he is an extremely gifted martial artist, who once trained Goku’s grandfather, Gohan...

Piccolo (James Marsters)
Lord Piccolo is the evil half of the god of earth, Kami. Piccolo wants the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality to conquer the planet..

Okay, i know this movie review is a little bit bored..? bored? very bored..?
Share a food picture here ~ xD

♥ These sandwiches in Redbox The Gardens not bad ~~keke...


  1. dragonball...~ review is bad coz da storyline is sooo simple. lolx like a typical action movie story. Although at times few parts are funny tho..haha!
    Sandwiches ahah not so nice yet i eaten alot lolx!

  2. connie-dear

    u hav been spending a lot of time in watching muvi hor.. hehe..

    enjoy life!!

    gosh, i missed such life!!!

  3. i guess it could get the worst origin movie ><"

  4. u forgot about qiqi who is so darn XXXX hungry slut in this movie..kaka