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Sunday, April 26, 2009

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I'm quite surprise with myself that i actually can maintain my blog for about 1 year++ and finally it reached 200 posts... Congrats to myself hehe =)
Here comes with my post # 201 - another movie review...

Movie : Shinjuku Incident
Starring : Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu, Xu Jinglei, Fan Bing Bing, Ken Watanabe
Ratings : ★★★

Basically this is a gangster movie which loads with brutal actions..
It made my heart beating fast and get my eyes closing in some scenes (when Ah Jie gets his hand cut off after inadvertently falling afoul of a Taiwanese gangster), scary weyyyy.....
What i found different and special in this movie is this is the first time i see Daniel Wu playing conflicted character and he did fantastically in mastering the character Jie..

This movie is worth a watch but make sure u brave enough and can bear with all the gore haha ~ xD


  1. 3 star onli ? so kedekut la u..

    jacky chan muvi all shud b nice nice wan rite?! hehe...

    maybe i shall watch dis during dis weekend...

  2. Teddy
    ♥ 3 stars is not bad already haha...
    ♥ if compare with previous film, this fill jackie chan dun really has alots action part...
    ♥ faster go watch hehe...but dun watch alone arr...
    ♥ coz if u scare at least u can hug ur friend haha xD

  3. Daniel wu + black mascara + black lipstick + visual rock wig = SCREAMING SEXY!


  4. revivar
    ♥ for me, kinda scary haha..XD
    ♥ but i still like him =)

  5. Nice review…makes me want to go watch the movie right away! Thanks :)

  6. Jared Yeong
    ♥ thanks for leaving comment here =)
    ♥ anyway, this movie still worth a watch..

  7. & he will potrait more of small powerless character more in the near future example like the overheard..kakaaka

    do u notice his stomach been sliced open after near end before jackie chan die?..kaka