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Monday, April 13, 2009

On 3:11 PM by Connie Lam in     6 comments
Went to watch this movie at Pavilion with friends...

Movie : Hotel For Dogs
Ratings : ★★★

Wanted to watch this movie so much because I'm attracted by those cute doggies..
This movie was kinda good, another heart-warming movie for kids and families..
But i think this will never happen where dogs can end up working in a hotel..
Now Im thinking of rear a dog so that it can accompany me when I feel lonely =)

♥ Georgia, Juliet, Romeo, Lenny, Cooper, Shep & Lenny
♥ So cute ~~


  1. wah seh, movie? again???

    the dogs r cute though..

    i like the 2nd one frm the left..

    hehe... the white dog but eyes black wan, so cute!!

    u got keep dogs at home?

  2. Teddy
    ♥ more movie review coming soon lolx..
    ♥ i like almost each dogs, sooooo cuuttteeee....
    ♥ i didnt keep any dogs at home, because i dare not to touch animal which is fluffly and my sister got asthma...

  3. ♥ everytime go watch movie
    ♥ u wanna a dog...later it bangsai whole ur house...haha

  4. doggies are cute, but i more like little cat~! ^^ they wont garang like those doggies~

  5. Tiongtiong
    ♥ my dog sure a good good dog...

    ♥ some puppies quite tame like cat de =)

  6. if u love dog so much get ready to caTCH on hactiko the real story by richard gere and the cats & dogs 2 is about the cat nemisis with dog and fight the battle on street & nieghbourhood..kakaka

    nice i waiting for this two