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Sunday, April 19, 2009

On 7:43 PM by Connie Lam in     8 comments
Wanted to watch "Fast & Furious 4" so much but ended up watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic" at Pavilion with my friends... T__T Why?
They didn't purchase the movie ticket online or make reservation..
And both the showing time for "Fast & Furious 4" at 9.30pm and 11.30pm were full seated..

Movie : Confessions of a Shopaholic
Ratings : ★★★

3 star ratings for this comedy movie which filled with laughter with a hint of the romantic kind...
The shopaholic a.k.a Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is charming, funny, adorably goofy yet undeniably attractive =)

That's so true that actually girls can be easily addicted to fashion and cannot stop spending..
I love to shop as well, but for sure i didn't spend recklessly else someone going to chop me and nagging at me ~~ xD


  1. is the time correct? 443am?

    tak payah tido?

  2. tiongtiong
    ♥ hehe, how u know i love to shop..?

    ♥ incorrect posting time..
    ♥ but im really always stay awake til morning 4 or 5am or sometimes 6am then only go to sleep lolx..
    ♥ these few days i slept 2-3 hours only just to study bio. molecule..
    ♥ last minutes ~ xD

  3. Have to say almost every girl like tis movie XD

  4. 嘉CacinG進
    ♥ hmmm..okie okie lor ~ XD
    ♥ u like this movie..?

  5. hiz name reli cacing? or he sendiri make wan?

  6. Teddy
    ♥ His name is 嘉進.. and he made it sounds like cacing gua....
    ♥ im also not sure haha ~ xD
    ♥ gotta ask him later...see if he reply/answer ur question here ...

  7. nevertheless the producer had capture very very accurately regard gals women pchyco on shopping and the desire to shop..kaka..quite an interesting movie