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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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In the midst of exam now...
Freaking tension with my revision although just four subjects..

20/4 - Molecular Biology
24/4 - Basic of Ecology
30/4 - Principal of Accounting
8/5 - Biosignaling

Nowadays the weather is seriously hot and hot and hot and it's really makes me can't concentrate on my studies....
I need somewhere which has at least air-con ~ xD
U know, Mcdonalds always my favorite and there i go.........

♥ I need chococlate sundae always haha...... to kill off the heat....

♥ My dinner hehe..... Always my favorite... *drool*

♥ I did bring along my lappie, notes, maxis broadband (I can't live without internet haha) and do u spotted that cute green colour thingy..? My baby ~ xD
♥ If u want to see my ugly messy handwriting, don't hesitate to click on the pic for enlarge view =)

♥ Always smile, rainbow comes after storm (exam)...

And, Mcdonalds I'm Loving It................. xD


  1. haha..i like starwberry sundae..
    ur handwriting quite nice ma

  2. and you are blaming me for tempting you with McD... >.<


  3. biosignaling?
    new subjek ah?

    not signal transduction meh the name...

  4. bad handwriting? me more worse ok, my friends always use this weakness(bad calligraphy) to criticize me!

  5. aiyo...don't everytime McD la...
    eat something else...

  6. haha~ 相信那里是学生爆满的地方了~!

  7. hmm
    eat eat study study...
    ur handwriting where got ugly and messy...
    for me so tidy...and better than mine...lolx